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Tangent Info Technologies operates in adherence to the terms and conditions stipulated in this document, whether express or implied. Being a visitor to our website or client of our company signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Our Services

We offer our services as a fair representation of the skills and knowledge we possess. When you become a client of Tangent Info Technologies, you agree to allow us to complete your project using these skills.


In response to your enquiry, you will receive a quote from Tangent Info Technologies. This quote is applicable for 30 days only: if it has not been accepted by this time, a new quote will need to be issued. Once the quote has been accepted by you, the amount is binding and becomes a contractual agreement. Work completed in addition to that outlined in your quote will be considered a new project and a separate quote will be drawn up for additional work.

You will be required to pay a deposit of 20 per cent before work begins on your project. This deposit is completely non-refundable and no special conditions will be made for refunding your deposit.


Once your project has been completed, it remains the property of and copyright under Tangent Info Technologies until final payment is made. After the balance of your account has been paid, all copyright and intellectual property is transferred to you. No ownership of projects is retained by Tangent Info Technologies, but we do reserve the right to display copies of your work as part of portfolios or promotional material. We do not include any sort of watermark or signature without your permission.

Service Cancellation

If, for any reason, you wish to terminate your project with Tangent Info Technologies, you will forfeit all ownership of existing concepts and ideas. Your deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances, and you will not be eligible to take work that has already been completed. You are not eligible to take existing ideas and have them reproduced by a third party. Any breach of copyright after a service has been cancelled will be taken very seriously by our legal team.


Although Tangent Info Technologies makes every effortto ensure correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, color matching and so on, there is always some room for error in any task undertaken by a human team. You are required to check and double check your printable material for errors and omissions before it is sent to be printed. Tangent Info Technologies can not be held liable for errors in the information within your printed material after it has been printed.
In the case of web material, where errors or omissions have been made, we will happily correct them within one month of going live. This is limited to spelling, grammar and other text information, and does not include any changes to the design or content of your web site.

Making Changes

Changes will not be made to your project after final payment has been made, except where outlined in the terms and conditions. You will not be eligible for any changes to design, size, resolution, etc. to your project without beginning a new project. Changes will be subject to additional fees and charges as outlined in this document.

Payment Terms

We appreciate your prompt payment, and ask for complete payment to be made within 14 days of your project's end. Your project will not be released to you until this payment is made. If payment has not been made after 14 days, you will be sent a reminder notice. If your account remains unpaid after 31 days, an additional late fee will be applied to your invoice. If payment still has not been made after 60 days, it will be referred to a collection agency.

Projects that are not paid within 90 days will be removed from Tangent Info Technologies and archived. If you pay your account after this time, you will be subject to an archive removal fee in addition to your late fees and original invoice.

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