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Your achievements are remarkable and you’re known for your innovative solutions and strong leadership skills. But 60-hour workweeks and constant travel in your executive job are taking a toll, leading you to consider remote jobs. This fully remote job in the nonprofit sector is a good fit for candidates with 5-7 years of experience as a digital strategist for a social justice organization. The successful candidate will have proven experience overseeing digital campaigns and implementing data-driven strategies.

remote executive director jobs

Engage with your network, contribute to conversations, and initiate dialogues that explore innovations in your field. When you spark discussions and inspire peers, you’ll attract the attention of organizations seeking visionary leaders. Be active where your skills and achievements get the spotlight they deserve. Your value should be clear and visible, making you an obvious choice for organizations seeking leadership. Sign in to create your job alert for https://remotemode.net/ in United States.

Associate Director, Finance

Find ways to connect your skills and goals with the brand and culture of the organization you’re pursuing. Sales directors lead sales teams by providing vision and guidance. Along with guiding their direct reports, remote director jobs often include tasks such as approving sales projections and budgets, hiring sales managers, and working with other teams.

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9 Remote Job Openings at Apple That Pay $100k or More.

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The Head of Finance and Operations will also develop a financial model for annual strategic planning, present quarterly and year-end financials, and oversee financial forecasting and projections. This role monitors progress and adjusts the DEI plan based on data-driven insights, enhances accountability, and leads learning and presentation opportunities. The average executive director in New York, NY earns between $90,000 and $252,000 annually. This compares to the national average executive director range of $76,000 to $213,000. The Director of Operations at Leverage will oversee all major operational functions of the business. Applicants should be competent with project and people management, and should strive to make order out of chaos.

Associate Director, Client Solutions, Analytics

Highlight any milestones, challenges overcome, and quantifiable results achieved. Use language that resonates with leadership, reflecting strategic thinking, decision-making, and the ability to inspire and lead teams. C-Suite executives are characterized by a rich blend of extensive experience and expertise. Adept at maneuvering through intricate business landscapes while fostering innovation and organizational stability, C-suite jobs are often the ultimate career goal for many professionals. VPs of operations most often work with company presidents to assist with daily operations. With a thorough understanding of company operations, this role will provide business performance leadership, monitor finances, and evaluate operational procedures.

A keen eye for design, trends, and innovation is essential to make a brand’s identity vibrant and engaging. The chief operating officer (COO) is often considered the second in command and reports directly to the CEO. Focusing most of their work on the operations side of business, this role oversees day-to-day operations and executes the https://remotemode.net/blog/16-remote-executive-jobs-to-consider-applying-for/ shorter-term goals of the company’s business plans. The chief of staff acts as the right hand to the chief executive officer (CEO), offering strategic support and ensuring organizational objectives are met efficiently. In this role, you’ll be the bridge between the CEO and other departments, tasked with overseeing strategic initiatives.

Vice President Consultant, Higher Education — Remote WFH

They orchestrate visual elements, guiding creative teams to produce compelling artwork that aligns with brand identity and engages audiences. Join the remote work movement, and get started climbing your work-at-home career ladder. Check out all of our remote job listings and connect with a remote job today. The Medical Director will provide clinical supervision to a team of behavioral health providers while also providing some direct patient care at Cerebral. The Medical Director will also help create and refine policies, procedures, and mentoring and training programs, and will peer-review patient charts. Reporting to the CEO of College Spring, the Head of Finance and Operations will direct finance and accounting operations, including planning and implementing annual budgets.

  • The Director of Operations at Leverage will oversee all major operational functions of the business.
  • Advances in technology and the continued growth of remote work opportunities have made it possible to pursue executive-level jobs without having to leave your home office.
  • Searching for an executive role requires a more strategic and tailored approach.
  • The hiring manager will consider the most highly qualified candidates for a possible interview.
  • Creative directors are the visionaries behind the aesthetic and conceptual aspects of a brand.
  • Also known as a CFO, this executive job manages company financials.


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