The 6 Best Sober Living Homes for Women

Founded in 1963, The Home was a small, clapboard residence near the railroad tracks on Duke Street in Alexandria, Virginia. Abandoned and in poor shape, the house was repaired and soon housed four residents and a resident manager. Stability in recovery takes time because recovery is a process, not an event.

sober living for women

As a sober woman committed to helping other women, I am proud to be a member of the Board of Directors at Friendly House. Being part of this special community is my way of giving back and making sure that no one has to face the challenges of addiction alone. Every person that resides in a sober living facility will have to abide by the rules of the residence and maintain sobriety.

Why The Women’s Home?

A women-only home eliminates these problems by limiting your interaction with other sober women.

sober living for women

For example, attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting can be a great way to meet other individuals in recovery and build meaningful relationships. With this level of support, individuals in recovery can find the strength to resist cravings and achieve long-term recovery. We do not receive any commission or fee that is dependent upon which treatment provider a caller chooses. The cost of sober living is about the same as renting a small apartment in your area. Residents must follow a schedule that will depend on their stage of recovery.

A Sober Living Home That Meets Your Unique Needs

Simply enter your address or zip code into the treatment locator to find an appropriate facility in your area. If you have reached a stage in your recovery journey where you are now ready or have begun practicing sober living, you might want to consider finding a sober living home. On the other hand, residential treatment is a different step in the recovery process. Sober living is typically seen as the end goal of addiction recovery.

Her dedication has been fueled by starting her own journey in sobriety at 19. Having this personal experience, Rachel is able to understand the courage it takes to reach out for help. A women’s sober living program offers Addiction Recovery: Seven Great Art Project Ideas support and accountability to help you regain your independence and move forward with your life of sobriety. Alcohol (and drugs) can take away so much—relationships, professional opportunities, money, and time.


However, some guidelines should be followed to ensure that personal relationships do not interfere with sobriety. As a new person in the recovery process, I could not be in a better house with better people. Brandon has been an exemplary house manager as he thrives in life with his sobriety. Every resource you may need they provide for you, as they walk hand in hand with you.

Addiction is complex, and getting sober shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Our women’s sober living is an inclusive and loving space where all are welcome to find their paths. From holistic therapies to yoga, to nutritional services, our outpatient drug rehab services intertwined with our sober living is equipped for holistic self-improvement. During your time in a sober living home for women, you may receive outpatient rehab services and take part in activities that were specifically designed for women in recovery.

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Among these are women struggling with substance use disorders such as drug abuse, alcohol dependence, and addiction. Lorraine’s House provides people the chance to surround themselves with women in the same place in life, with the same goals of staying clean and sober. We provide professionally structured living in a luxurious environment. A critical aspect of our approach is integrating the principles of sobriety and recovery into daily life. We actively engage our residents with NA recovery classes and support groups, providing them with the necessary tools and guidance to succeed on their journey to sobriety. By doing so, we prevent homelessness, reduce recidivism, curb overdose risks, and minimize the likelihood of relapse.

sober living for women

Women in recovery should consider accessing a comprehensive addiction treatment program before entering a sober living home. This will allow them to get the help they need while preparing for life in sobriety. Sober living for women is when a woman stays at an all female sober house.


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